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Model: MT-POL Shipping Weight: 18.39Kg     Units in Stock: : 6596 Brand: Wall & Floor - Decorative Concrete


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  • Model: MT-POL
  • Shipping Weight: 18.39Kg
  • 6596Units in Stock:
  • Brand: Wall & Floor - Decorative Concrete
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Microtopping® is a cement based coating designed for the interior or exterior to achieve many different paving and walls’ requirements. It is perfect for the renovation of old concrete or can be used to finish the existing surface for construction. Ideal Work® Microtopping® is a two-components system made of a special liquid polymer and 2 kinds of cementitios powders: Microtopping® BC (base coat - First coat, with high grade of aggregates) and Microtopping® FC (finish coat - second coat, fine grade of aggregates).Of both types one or two layers can be applied, according to desired final result. Ideal Work® Microtopping® BC and FC are available in two standard colors: gray and white. To achieve more colors, during the mixing phase can be added Colour Pack-c to the liquid polymer.